How to Make Giant Paper Succulents

I wanted to take my time and create some stunning designs, so the project got put off, but now I have finally created not just one large succulent but three!

–Cardstock –Pan pastels or distress ink –Ink sponges –Wood dowel –Glue gun –Scissors –Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore


For each flower, you will cut out six petals in every size – one of each side of the 6-sided base, and then four center petals.

To shape the petals I used a thin wood dowel for the smallest center ones.

The extra-large through extra small petals I cut about a 1.5 -2-inch slit at the very bottom, creased the petal down the center gently then overlapped the slit at the base.

Using the 6-sided base start by adding all 6 extra large petals – one to each side of the base.

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