Gift Card Holder Craft 

Today, I will teach you how to make an easy DIY gift card holder which adds a personal touch to any cash gift!

Gift cards are ideal for co-workers and friends, but with this personal touch, your recipient will feel the love you put into their gift.


– Cricut Machine – Cricut mats – Glitter cardstock – 65-80 pound cardstock – Weeding tools

Choose your cardstock colors and load each corresponding color onto your Cricut mat as prompted.


I used the glitter cardstock setting and medium cardstock setting in Design Space. Once all the gift card template pieces have been cut out, layer the top details with glue.

To create the pocket for the gift card to slide in an out of, add the 3D foam strip tape around the bottom and sides. Use a weeding tool to pull off the back of the tape.

Tap the link below to watch the full instructionS.