Gift Ideas For The Crafters in Your Life

Crafty people are generally the best gift-givers. However, these crafty minds can also be hard to shop for.

Today I have put together the best gift ideas for crafters that I personally guarantee they will adore!

Crafters can decorate their own totes, t-shirts and so much more with this screen printing kit!

Screen Printing Kit

Every crafter has to have a quality glue gun. I personally love when I can find a standing glue gun because they don’t stick to your table surface.

A Quality Glue Gun

Gift crafters the vinyl pack they need to get started on some new projects.

Vinyl Pack

If your crafty loved one doesn’t yet have a sewing machine, or is in need of an upgrade, this gift idea is sure to make them happy!

Sewing Machine

Brush pens can be used for a lot of different things. Pair these accessories up with our hand lettering book suggestion below for the perfect gift!

Brush Pens

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