How Does Color Changing Vinyl Work? 

Today, we'll talk about: - Color-changing vinyl - UV activated iron-on vinyl - How do they work

Color-Changing Vinyl – How Does It Work?

Some types of vinyl are designed to change according to cold temperatures, whereas others require a warmer temperature.

Hot And Cold-Activated Vinyl

Right now, the Cricut brand only comes in a glossy finish, though I hope they add a matte finish option in the future!

UV-Activated Iron On Vinyl

Cricut UV-activated vinyl is a special type of crafting material that reacts to ultraviolet (UV) light, typically from sunlight.

Many brands sell vinyl in 12 x 12 sheets, while some offer larger rolls like Cricut’s. Some other brands to consider are Teckwrap Craft, Expressions Vinyl, and Color Spark.

Where To Find Color-Changing Vinyl?

Prepping Your Blank For UV-Activated Iron-On Vinyl

Use a lint roller on a fabric base for your UV color-changing vinyl. Then press the blank for 15-20 at 315 degrees.

– T-shirt or any blank – UV HTV – Everyday iron-on – Weeding tool – EasyPress and mat  – Cutting machine


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