How To Cut Cardstock On Cricut:

5 Easy Ways To Fix Cricut Ripping Your Cardstock

Making papercraft projects with your Cricut is one of the most popular and beginner-friendly crafts you can do with it.

In this post, I will share with your 5 Reasons Your Cricut is Ripping Cardstock Paper and how to fix them.

How To Cut Cardstock With Your Cricut Machine Video

Your Cricut Blade Needs Replaced Or Cleaned Off

5 Best Hacks for Paper Crafts

Best practice involves always checking your blade for any debris in between loading mats.

How To Clean Your Cricut Blade

– Grab some tin foil and form a ball. – Press the blade tip in and out of a ball of tin foil several times, holding the button at the top.

How To Replace Your Cricut Blade

To replace a Cricut blade, buy a value pack of fine-point blades.

Which Cricut Mat Is Best For Cardstock?

First, you need to know which mats are best for cardstock paper. In general, the light-grip blue mat is recommended.

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