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DIY Paper Flower Primrose Spring Wreath With Cricut

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The image shows a colorful wreath and reads, how to make a paper flower primrose spring wreath

DIY Spring Wreath With Paper Primrose Flowers

Spring is officially here! Enjoy welcoming in the warm air with a DIY spring paper flower wreath. This DIY paper flower tutorial is perfect for beginners and pro crafters alike. Feel free to modify this tutorial and make it your own by opting for different colors and sizes. Let’s get started, and I will show you how to make a primrose paper wreath using a Cricut machine

The image shows a paper flower wreath next to a Cricut. Get ready for spring with this fun and easy-to-follow DIY paper flower primrose spring wreath tutorial! Learn how to make it with your Cricut in just a few simple steps.

Paper Flower Wreath Supply List

The image shows the supplies for making paper flowers.

Download The Primrose Paper Flower Templates

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How to Make Paper Flowers With Cricut

I love to make paper flowers with my Cricut machine. I will be using a cutting machine to cut out these primrose flower templates, but you can opt to use the PDF printables included with the primrose tutorial, although the intricate nature of the center might be a little challenging.

The image shows a spring wreath made from paper. Get creative with this fun springtime project! Learn how to make a stunning paper flower primrose wreath using your Cricut.

How to make large paper flowers

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Cricut Design Space Set Up

Uploading the Primrose Templates to Cricut Design Space. Upload the flower SVG file for this primrose craft project by using the “upload” button in the Design Panel. Your newly uploaded file will be under “recent uploads.” Select the file and click “add to canvas.”

Figure out whether you’re using 8 x 11 or 12 x 12 cardstock. You’ll need to set that up in the canvas, so you’re maximizing your paper area.

Any time you bring a file into Cricut Design Space, the elements are going to be grouped together. You’ll need to ungroup by right-clicking and selecting “ungroup.” After everything is ungrouped, you’ll be able to move the individual pieces freely.

You can leave the sizes the same – you can also make things smaller or bigger depending on your preference. If you want to make a variety of leaf sizes, select a corner, hold, click, and drag larger or smaller.

Pro tip: I duplicated my leaves several times to make just enough to fill a 12 x 12 surface area. I used my “attach” tool to hold the placement so it looks the same when I go to the cut screen. You can copy and paste to duplicate the elements to fill your paper’s size. 

With the primrose petals, you’ll need three that are slightly larger and three that are slightly smaller (this totals five petals for one primrose). For the center of each primrose, you’ll need two of the white center pieces and two of the yellow center pieces. Be sure to duplicate as many as you need!

Primrose Petal Sizes

For my sizes, I ended up using a 3.2 x 3.2 inches for the larger petal base piece. The smaller petal base piece is approximately 2.8 x 2.8. The center piece measures approximately 1.5 x .1.5 inches. The little yellow center pieces are roughly .6 x .6 of an inch. 

Be sure to save your work, click the “make it” button, and select the cardstock you’ll be using. I typically use medium cardstock. 

Cutting Out Your Primrose Petals

Load your pink paper (for the petals) onto your Cricut Mat and use your Brayer tool to ensure the paper is sticking to the mat nicely. Since you have everything ready in Design Space, you can simply press the double-arrow button. The flashing indicates it’s ready to print!

Click the “play” icon (depending on your Cricut, it may be a “C” icon) to actually begin cutting out your petals. Once it’s done cutting, click the double arrow button to unload the Cricut Mat from the machine.

Flip the mat over and peel the mat away from the cardstock – this will prevent your paper from curling too much. Repeat this process with the remaining colors. 

Building the Primrose Flower

Next, we need to make our paper flowers that will go onto the spring wreath. Now you can use the ones I have here, primrose, or check out all my small paper flower tutorials on the blog.

You can use a spare glue stick or pencil to curl your primrose petals. Additionally, I have my Paper Blooms Shaping Mat and Toolset used to curl, cup, and add veining to the petals. I like to add veining to the petals for extra detail. See the video here for more details. 

Don’t forget to curl the primrose leaves as well. I like to use my Cricut scraper tool to curl the edges.

The image shows how to curl paper leaves with the Cricut scraper tool.

Adding Distress Ink

Now, move on to the center of the flower. Add yellow Distress Oxide (I used honey color) to make the white center pieces more realistic. Place a piece of scrap paper where you’ll be working to avoid ruining any surfaces underneath (the ink will be getting underneath).

Grab your ink dauber, dab it in the distressed ink a few times, and then begin dabbing the white center piece(s). You’ll be working from the center out – cover all of the white except for the very tip. To make it look more realistic, dab a little harder in the center and let it run lighter as you move toward the tip. 

The image shows how to add distress ink to paper flower petals.

Next, take your lighter green leaves and add some darker green distress ink to the edges of the primrose leaves.

The goal with the wreath is to put the darker leaves on the underside and the lighter green leaves with the distressed ink on top. This will make it look like the leaves are fading from dark to light – just as you’d see in nature. 

Open your green Distress Oxide (mine is called lucky clover), and grab your ink brush. Apply the ink to the brush, and apply the ink to the leaves using circular motions with the brush.

You can add distress ink to the primrose petals, too, before you curl them, I would recommend a darker pink or darker shade of whatever color paper you are using.

Build The Primrose Petals

Take one of the larger of the primrose petals and place it down. Slightly flatten this piece. 

Take the second piece and add some hot glue on the back. You’ll place it on top of the first piece – be sure to alternate between petal points. Repeat that process with the last large petal piece. The two smaller petals are remaining – add them to the petal the same way to complete the base of the flower. 

Creating The Primrose Center

Grab the two center pieces that have distressed ink and the two smaller yellow petal layers. Add a tiny dab of hot glue in the center of one of the smaller yellow center pieces. Take the piece with the hot glue and place it on top of the other small yellow center piece (aim to alternate the petal points as you did before).

Use your fingers to slightly bend the petal points up. Dab a bit of hot glue on the bottom of one of the bigger yellow/white center pieces with distressed ink. Place that piece on top of the other. After, glue the smaller center piece in the middle of the larger piece. Complete your primrose flower by gluing it in the center. 

Assembling Your DIY Paper Flower Spring Wreath

Start with placing the dark green leaves at random using hot glue. I typically start with the bigger leaves and then fill the spaces with the smaller leaves. Nature is random, so there’s no right or wrong way to do this. 

Next, repeat the process with the lighter green leaves. This step will be a little more strategic – try to slightly tuck them into the darker green leaves. If you can see the wreath’s base at any point, be sure to add a leaf in that spot to provide full coverage.

The image shows how to add paper leaves to a grapevine wreath base.

Once you’ve finished adding the leaves to your wreath, it’s time to begin adding the flowers. The styling of the primrose is up to you – you might opt to disperse them evenly or create a cluster of primrose flowers to one side for your spring wreath.

Give the leaves that will hold each primrose a little press (to flatten the area), add hot glue to the back of each primrose, and attach each primrose to the wreath. Hold each primrose in place for 10-15 seconds. Complete this step with every flower.

Congratulations! You’ve completed a primrose spring wreath made from cardstock paper!

What questions do you have about making a spring wreath with paper flowers? Where will you hang your wreath? Tell me below in the comments!

The image shows a pink, purple and green spring wreath. Looking for a fun, creative way to spruce up your front door this spring? Learn how you can make a beautiful paper flower primrose wreath with the help of our simple DIY tutorial and your Cricut machine!

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