How to Hang Paper Flowers: 8 Easy Ways to Hang Paper Flowers

The first and most popular question I get when teaching the art of paper flowers to others is, what kind of paper should I use?

The second is, how do I Hang Paper Flowers? Today I decided to give you eight, yes, eight ways you can hang paper flowers! 

The first method I rely on is super easy peezy. You will need 18 gauge wire, wire clippers, Glue Gun and a circle or square piece of cardstock.

Wire Loop

A lot of people love how paper flowers look hanging on fabric. This is an especially popular choice if you are making a backdrop for a party, wedding or photo booth.

Flat Back Pins

If you are looking for a way to hang paper flowers on fabric or onto a board (like a foam insulation board) gluing directly on is a great option.

Hot Glue

The thumb tack option goes hand in hand with the wire loop. If you prefer not to use a nail in your wall you can just push a large thumb tack.

Thumb Tacks

You can use small Velcro circles or strips of Velcro. The key here is to make sure you are using good Velcro and not something that barely sticks.


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