How to Make A Giant Spiral Paper Rose

This is one of the few times in my crafty career I can say that my flower turned out better than I planned!

So today, I am posting here my full supply list for creating this beauty, known as Ella Paper Flower Rose.

Start with two petals across from one another. Overlap the bottoms then fold the petals up and wrap them around each other as if hugging each other.

Using the 5-sided base and glue 5 center rose petals around the base, one for each side.

With the remaining 5 center petals curl the top edge backward with your wood dowel then glue them to the under of the rose center in between each of the previous petals.

Once they have been glue to the bottom fold up each petal, add dots of glue to each side near the base and press firmly to the rose center.

Tap the link below to see the full instruction.