How to Make Crepe Paper Lily Flowers

Lily template design is very simple and easy to cut by hand with a pair of detail scissors using the PDF printables. Those of you who own a Cricut Maker machine then let your cutting machine do the work for you!

–Crepe paper –Lily Templates –Detail scissors –Pan pastels and sponge –Air-dry clay –Floral wire –Tack glue tape –Floral tape


Build the Easter paper lily center – Using air-dry clay and thin floral wire, create the lily stamen by rolling a small piece of clay onto the tips of the wire.

Cut your petals – Using a pair of detail scissors or your Cricut Maker machine, cut out the lily petals. You will need 6 halves in each size for a total of 12 pieces that will make lily 6 petals.

Assemble the petal – Add glue to one half of the petal and place the floral wire on the glue, and sandwich the other petal half on top of the wire. Trim and even up the overlapping tips.

Add pan pastels – Add some color right down the center of the lily petal using a small sponge and green pan pastels.

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