How to Make Layered Paper Mandala Craft With Cricut Story

In this Paper Mandala Craft tutorial, I will teach you how to layer any mandala together, what supplies you need, and how to get playful with papers and colors.

Today’s tutorial will teach you to layer a sunflower mandala together.

Cut out your mandalas on your cutting machine. I use a Cricut, but any machine that is SVG compatible will work!


Your mandala pieces may or may not cut out in the order you arrange them. Just make sure to set all the pieces aside and not lose any.

After you cut all the mandala pieces, it’s time for assembly. To prep, start by laying all your parts in the correct order.

Start with the two bottom-most layers. Check your alignment of the two layers. Flip over the piece that belongs on top.

Continue with the next layers until you reach the top-most piece.