How to Make Paper Gardenia Flower

The Gardenia flower is timeless and elegant. Gardenias are often a favorite choice for wedding flower bouquets.

I’ve had a long standing request to create a DIY Paper Gardenia flower template and I’m finally delivering that request!

–Glue Gun –65-pound cardstock –Scissors and/or cutting machine –Thin wooden dowel for rolling –Paper Blooms shaping mat and tool set


The first step will be to cut out all the petals. 


Using your thin wood dowel curl the petals around the dowel. Repeat this with all the petals.

If you are using the Paper Blooms tool set, roll the center to help the petal stand up naturally.

Make sure your smallest 5 point petals are curled tightly together. Use your fingers to push tightly, rolling the petals so you center bud is closed once we glue in.

To start building the flower glue two 3 point petals together so that their petals alternate between one another.

Tap the link below to see the full instructionS.