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Peony Paper Flowers: A Step by Step Paper Flower Tutorial

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Peony Paper Flowers: A Step by Step Paper Flower Tutorial

Peonies are simply beautiful and classic. It’s no wonder we want to have them as our centerpieces, party decorations, and room decor. They make incredible additions to any decorations. That’s why I created a Peony Paper Flowers Template and this step-by-step tutorial so you can have these beautiful DIY decorations anywhere and everywhere!

Peony Paper Flowers: A Step by Step Paper Flower Tutorial

You’re going to love this tutorial, and you will love the finished product even more!

Peony Paper Flower Supply List

Peony Paper Flower Template: A Step-by-Step Paper Flower Tutorial

Click play to watch the peony video below, or keep reading for a picture tutorial. In my tutorial, you will see me feature my Paper Blooms shaping mat and toolset, which is what makes these peonies so beautiful!

Prepping Your Petals

Steps 1-4

Step 1:

Cut all 7 peony pieces out. Mine usually measures about 3.75 inches if you need to know for cutting machine measurements.

Using one of the medium-sized ball tools (0.7 cm) apply firm pressure to the peony petals on the shaping mat. Cup each petal in a circular motion.

Step 2:
Once you have cupped the petals, roll the center as well.

Step 3:
Use your fingers to push the petals a little tighter & position the petals so that they all fall in the same direction for a nice spiral look.

Step 4:
Do this with all 8 Peony petal layers.

For the Last 2 Petals

Step 5:
When you get down to the last 2 petals, cup them but leave them a little more open.

Step 6:
Flip these 2 over and roll the center. These are the 2 base petals we will start building with. For video instructions, click HERE.

Peony Paper Flower Template Tutorial

Steps 7-9

Step 7:
Glue one on top of the other, alternating the petal so they are not directly stacked.

Step 8:
Move to another peony piece and glue on top of the last petal.

Step 9:
Fan the petals open.

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Steps 10-13

Step 10:
Repeat with the next 3 peony petal layers.

Step 11:
Once we get down to the last 2 petals, we are going to glue those together first before adding them into the center. Make sure these peony layers are especially tight to get a good final center for the peony. Glue these last 2 together.

Step 12:
Push the bud closed before inserting it into your peony’s center.

Step 13:
Glue the center into the flower to finish the paper peony!.

Stemming Your Paper Peony


If you wish to stem the flower, click HERE for that tutorial video.


If you wish to add the Fern Vine, cut out the elements first. Glue 2 of the fern vines together with the wire stem down the center.

I can’t wait to hear how much you LOVE this Peony Paper Flower Template!

Watch the paper peony video tutorial here or scroll up and click play. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel and keep up with each new & fantastic papercraft tutorial!

And don’t forget to pick up your set of Paper Bloom’s tools to make your next paper flower project look perfect!

Paper Blooms shaping mat and tool set

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Peony Paper Flowers: A Step by Step Paper Flower Tutorial
Step by Step Easy Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

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  1. Do you need the mat in order for the tool to work?

    I am using 65lb cardstock and I have the tools, but paper doesn’t form when using the tool.