How To Remove Backgrounds In Cricut Design Space 

How many of you have tried the latest Cricut Design Space tool, the automatic background remover? I’ve tried it out, and today I am here to teach you about it!

This new background removal tool in Design Space allows you to remove photo backgrounds and clip out a subject with one click.

Before this automatic tool, you could (and still can) remove backgrounds manually by clicking with the selection tool or using the eraser function.

How is this different from before?

– It speeds up the process – It’s more accurate than clicking by hand

Pros Of The New Automatic Background Remover

It’s not a perfect one-click result every time. If the photo has a lot of shades of color the automatic tool will work only slightly better than its manual predecessor.

How About The Cons?

How To Remove Backgrounds For FREE

Option 1: Use the manual option of erasing or selecting parts of the image in Design Space. Option 2: Use another background remover for photos.

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