How to Stem Giant Paper Flowers Tutorial 

The biggest problem when making or purchasing paper flowers is how to make stems stable enough.

This giant paper flower stem tutorial will teach you how to make DIY flower stems and a DIY flower display stand.

Gather Your Supplies. You may be able to find foam balls already cut in half at your craft store. If not, you can cut them yourself.


Decorating the Giant Paper Flower Stem. Personally, I like to wrap my dowels in tulle because it adds a whimsical texture.

Connect the wooden dowel for the DIY flower stem to the half foam ball. Make sure the foam ball is flat side down. Aim for the center and push very firmly.

After you’ve carved the hole into the foam ball, generously fill the hole and cover the tip of the dowel with clear hot glue. Then, firmly press into the ball.

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