DIY Paper Gardenia Flower Tutorial

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DIY paper gardenias

DIY Paper Gardenia Tutorial

The Gardenia flower is timeless and elegant. It’s bright white petals offer a sweet fragrance. Gardenias are often a favorite choice for wedding flower bouquets. Gardenia flowers stand for love and purity, which makes Gardenias the perfect choice for any bride or elegant occasion. I’ve had a long standing request to create a DIY Paper Gardenia flower template and I’m finally delivering that request!


You will have 2 styles of petal – 5 point petal and the 3 point petal. Cut the following number of petals

  • 3-point petals – 4 cuts
  • 5-point petals – 3 cuts

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DIY paper gardenia tutorial

Step 1

The first step will be to cut out all the petals. I am using a shimmer white paper here from my local Hobby Lobby.

paper gardenias

Step 2

Using your thin wood dowel curl the petals around the dowel. If you are using the Paper Blooms tool set, roll the center to help the petal stand up naturally. Repeat this with all the petals.

Small DIY paper gardenias

Step 3

Make sure your smallest 5 point petals are curled tightly together. Use your fingers to push tightly, rolling the petals so you center bud is closed once we glue in.

To start building the flower glue two 3 point petals together so that their petals alternate between one another.

DIY paper gardenias

Step 4

The next step is to glue in the third 3-point petal. Move next to the 5-point petals, gluing them in the same way. Try to aim to have the bud become progressively tighter as you move inward.

DIY paper gardenia flower tutorial

Step 5

Finally glue in your remaining two 5-point petals to the center, making sure your last petal cut is twisted tightly before inserting.

Admire your elegant DIY paper gardenia!

DIY gardenias

Small DIY gardenia paper flowers

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How to make small DIY paper gardenia flowers. Create beautiful paper gardenias for bouquets, arrangements and more. Step by step tutorial and templates.

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  1. Oh that was a creative idea! I’ve been looking for this. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️

  2. I love this! I bet you could make this out of all kinds of materials! Now I’m thinking about some thick book pages for this project! So cool 🙂

  3. These flowers are so pretty! I love that you used the shimmery paper because it gives it a nice effect.

  4. What a pretty craft. I am slightly craft challenged but very much enjoy watching other people create beautiful things.

  5. Paper flowers are so pretty! I bought a Cricut last year and started making them for shadowboxes. I tried making them like this pattern but got a little frustrated so I stuck to the ones that you roll with the little tool. It’s also a neat way to recycle random paper you have around the house!

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