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Summer Bucket List Printable + DIY Clipboard

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Summer Bucket List Printable + DIY Clipboard

Hello, friends! I’m Leslea from A Heart Filled Home. On my blog I love to write about budget friendly home decor, crafts, printables, and DIY projects. I’m so excited to share this super simple DIY clipboard and free printable today!

This summer has already been going by so fast, and my kiddos are always looking for fun things to do while on summer break. I decided that it would be fun to create a summer bucket list with activities for them to look forward to. My children love to have visual reminders of their daily schedule, to-do list, and calendar. This bucket list printable is perfect for them!

I wanted to create a cute display for the summer bucket list printable, so I grabbed an old clipboard from my craft stash. You can usually find these at thrift stores for only a couple dollars! I also had some rose gold spray paint leftover from another craft project, so I already had all of my materials on hand!

Materials Needed:

  • Clipboard
  • Spray paint
  • Home printer

DIY Clipboard

A can of Rustoleum metallic spray lays next to a clipboard on top of cardboard, ready to be painted.

First I grabbed a flattened cardboard box to place beneath my clipboard. I have started keeping a few flattened boxes on hand in the garage to use for painting projects, because after using them a few times I can just toss them in the recycling bin!

A woman's hand holds the top of a spray can, ready to paint the clipboard below.

Next I cleaned the surface of the clipboard with a towel to get any dirt or dust off of the surface. This will make sure the paint adheres to the clipboard.

Then I gave my clipboard a couple coats of spray paint. I used the color Champagne Mist from Rustoleum. I have found that the key to getting good coverage with spray paint is to keep the can a few inches away from the surface, and to move the can from side to side spraying horizontally. If you get too far away from the surface you’re spraying you won’t be able to get good coverage. Also make sure to keep a continuous spray to keep the coverage even.

A gold clipboard hangs on a wall near a door. On the clipboard is a checklist with the title, "summer bucket list."

Download Your Free Summer Bucket List Printable!

After my clipboard had dried overnight, I printed my summer bucket list printable onto some white cardstock paper. Cardstock will last longer and helps enhance the quality of the print. Then I displayed it on my newly painted clipboard! You could display the clipboard and printable by hanging it on a wall, leaning it against the backsplash in your kitchen, or you could add magnets to the back and place it on your refrigerator!

My kids are already loving this summer bucket list printable, and they are planning their next activity! I hope this helps you and your kids really enjoy the rest of their summer break!

A close-up of a woman's hand holding a pen while she checks off "go to the library," an item on a summer bucket checklist.

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