How To Use Patterned Vinyl:

Where To Find And How To Use Patterned Vinyl

Crafting with permanent adhesive vinyl and removable vinyl is one of my favorite materials to work with.

But sometimes, I have a hard time deciding how to best use my favorite pattern. Here are several ways you can showcase your favorite patterned vinyl.

So how can we showcase pretty patterns in our craft projects? There are a few key things to look for when picking an SVG design to cut the pattern vinyl from.

Tips For Choosing SVG Designs That Work Well With Patterned Vinyl

Pick a design that has a large solid element to it. Choose a design with background layer that, even when cut out, will capture the pattern of the vinyl without much disruption to the rhythm.

Choose fonts carefully. If you are using pattern vinyl in a design that has text elements, aim to do with thicker, chunkier fonts.

Only use one pattern vinyl per craft project. Choose a single pattern vinyl for one project so the eye is captured by it rather than sharing a spotlight with another pattern mixed in.

Keep the design large. Even if you follow all the suggestions, you can still end up with difficulty seeing the playful pattern if the item is scaled too small.

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