Layered Paper Puppy Dog Candy Ornament Craft with Templates

Since I love chocolate and I love pets, especially dogs, I decided to create several new layered paper puppy designs that to fill with your favorite treats!

Valentine’s day isn’t far, so I created these in mind as easy DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts that your recipient is sure to love. Who doesn’t love chocolate and fur babies?!

Download the templates. Then, import the files into Design Space. I used my Cricut machine for cutting the SVG templates.


Once you have cut out all layers in your choice colors of cardstock start with the two largest layers which will sandwich the ornament ball.

Add foam tabs along the back of the layer with the hole. Fill your plastic ball with candy and place it down on the solid base piece.

Layer the piece with the hole cut out over the plastic ball.

To complete each pet add the facial details on. For some I use the glue (usually the more intricute pieces). For the face layers, paws and such I will use the foam tabs.

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.