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Candy Holder Craft – Layered Paper Puppy Dog Candy Ornament Craft with Templates

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Christmas ornament craft project. Candy ornament holder craft with puppy dogs. Download the SVG files for Cricut and other machines here.

Dog Candy Craft with Plastic Christmas Ornament Balls

One of the latest trending projects for crafters is to use plastic ornaments to create a candy-filled Christmas ornament craft with a layered paper design cut out by your Cricut machine. Even though we are featuring plastic Christmas balls here, this craft concept can be applied to any holiday or occasion! Since I love chocolate and I love pets, especially dogs, I decided to create several new layered paper puppy designs that you can build around the plastic ornament ball and fill with your favorite treat. Valentine’s day isn’t far, so I created these in mind as easy DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts that your recipient is sure to love. Who doesn’t love chocolate and fur babies?!

If you know someone who loves pets but is not a chocolate fan (I know, we’ll forgive them), then you can opt to fill the plastic Christmas ball with anything small enough to fit!

DIY Valentine's Day crafts with puppy dog candy ornament holder.

I plan to gift these candy ornament puppy dogs as an easy DIY Valentine’s Day craft, but you can make them for any occasion.

Download the Dog Candy Ornament Templates

All of our pet file designs here are available inside our Member Vault! If you aren’t a member yet, you will want to sign up for all our crafts here. There are currently hundreds of designs, such as paper flower templates, SVG cut files, and printables, plus a dozen new ones added each month!

Labrador golden retriever candy ornament craft template.

Supplies for Christmas Ornament Craft

Kitty Cat Candy Holders SVG Cut Files, Candy Holders, Valentine's Day Gifts, Candy Ornament Crafts, Candy Ornament SVG FIles

Puppy Dog Candy Holder Paper Craft Video Tutorial

Watch the full step-by-step video for our DIY Valentine candy puppy craft below. You can also keep reading for a picture overview. I will also show you how to set up the files in Design Space!

Kitty Cat Candy Holder Craft Video Tutorial

After so many of you loved my dog candy holders, I decided to add a kitty cat as well! Here is a look at my cat candy holders. You can make these in any color to match your furbaby! Get the cat templates here in the shop or get them from the Member Vault with all my other designs!

Setting up the perforation tool in Design Space

French bulldog candy ornament craft template.

My favorite part about this easy DIY Valentine’s Day craft is how easy it is to peel the back off to access the candy or gift inside. The recipient can enjoy the cute pet gift long after the candy gift is gone! To make our Christmas candy ornament craft open effortlessly, I used the perforation tool that works with the Cricut Maker or Maker 3 machine.

If you do not own a Maker model, which is required for any Quick swap tools, you can score the back instead to mark the spot for opening and make it a little easier to open.

Changing Operation to Perforate

Once you have imported the files into Design Space, you will first want to scale the puppies to your desired size. I have the files set so that an 8cm plastic ball will work, but if you wish to resize, then be sure to scale as a group and use that spare circle included in the files as a guide reference.

After you have set the size of your pet candy holders, ungroup the layers by using the Ungroup tool to the top right. Select just the circle with the tab at the top and change the operation to Perforate.

Finally, hold your shift key and select the perforated circle and the solid base piece. Use the Attach tool to attach those two pieces together. This ensures that perforation occurs as shown on the screen when moving to the cut screen.

Christmas ornament craft project. DIY Valentine crafts. Dog candy ornament holder craft. Download the SVG files for Cricut and other machines here.
How to make puppy candy holders with Cricut

DIY Pet Valentine’s Ornament Candy Craft

  1. Download the templates in our Member Vault. By joining the Abbi Kirsten Collections Member Vault you also will unlock hundreds of other designs just as cute as these!
  2. Import the files into Design Space. I used my Cricut machine for cutting the SVG templates. If you are new to Cricut read my tutorial on uploading an SVG file to Design Space.
  3. If you wish to change the size of your pet candy holder, then at this point you will need to scale the files as a group – this is important to keep proportions correct. See how I do it here in the video.
  4. If you own a Maker model then set your perforation line and attach it to the base layer. More details above.
  5. Once you have cut out all layers in your choice colors of cardstock start with the two largest layers (the base and the one with the hole for the half ball) which will sandwich the ornament ball.
  6. Add foam tabs along the back of the layer with the hole.
  7. Fill your plastic ball with candy and place it down on the solid base piece.
  8. Layer the piece with the hole cut out over the plastic ball.
  9. To complete each pet add the facial details on. For some I use the tomobow glue (usually the more intricute pieces). For the face layers, paws and such I will use the foam tabs again to add more 3D diamension to the project.
  10. And that’s it! Make several and hand them out to family or friends and watch their faces light up!

What breed of dog do you have? I plan to expand this pet Christmas ornament craft collection, and I would love to know! If you have another idea for a candy holder tell me that too!

DIY Valentine's day crafts. Christmas ornament candy craft with dogs.

Free Craft Files

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If you love the craft, unlock all the premium files for even more creative inspiration.

Christmas ornament craft project. Candy ornament holder craft with puppy dogs. Download the SVG files for Cricut and other machines here.

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