Layering Iron-On Vinyl on a Shirt with Cricut Tutorial Story

Learning to use your Cricut is so exciting and one of the most favorite ways to craft is to use your machine to cut out heat transfer vinyl designs.

In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to layer iron-on vinyl, also known as heat transfer vinyl. This Cricut lesson will work with any type of vinyl, but in my example, I will be layering glitter iron-on vinyl.

Open your iron-on and place it on your mat with the plastic carrier sheet face down (shiny side down). Load your Cricut mat once you have selected the corresponding material in Design Space.


After your design is finished cutting, remove the vinyl from the mat by peeling the mat away from the iron-on. Gently roll your design to see where you need to weed easier. Peel away the excess vinyl.

Set your Easypress to the correct temperature and time using the guide. 

Press your shirt in half to warm the material and create a center crease as a point of reference.

Tap the link below to see the full instructions.