How to Use the Cricut Cutter 

When you purchased your Cricut, you were likely crazy excited to get started. I am going to chat about the most popular questions crafters ask.

Even if you have completed a couple of simple projects but still don’t feel confident when you sit down to craft – you’re not alone, and this story can help you.

Do I need a computer to use a Cricut?  Yes, and no. Cricut machines work with iOS and Android devices, but you will lose certain functions if you opt for a mobile device.

What other tools do I need? Weeding tools – This is a must if you plan on doing anything with vinyl. Cricut pens – There are lots of pretty pens to use with Cricut! Have a few on hand.

Do I need an Easypress?  If you plan to use anything with iron-on vinyl or infusible ink, an Easypress is a good investment.

What supplies do I need when getting started? That depends on what you want to craft! Start by making a list of the craft projects you want to create, then research the supplies you need for those projects.

Can My Cricut Cut Wood? Yes, Cricut can cut wood! The Joy machine is the only one that cannot because it is not powerful enough.

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