Making Crepe Paper Flowers

I have a love for making paper flowers – all kinds. But I started with making flowers from traditional cardstock. Over time I came to learn and love crepe paper flowers as well.

The Best Crepe Paper For Paper Flowers Traditionally, I love to work with cardstock for many of my paper flowers, but crepe paper turns any flower into an imitation of its real-life counterpart.

1. Cartefini Crepe Paper So what is the best crepe paper for paper flowers and where can you find quality crepe paper? I have a few different resources I have used but my number one go-to is Cartifini Crepe Paper.

2. Lia Griffth Crepe Paper Next to the Cartefini brand, I love the Lia Griffth brand. One of the benefits of the Lia Griffth brand is that it has continuous grain and does not have the machine grain that some other brands have.

3. Just Artifacts from Amazon Just Artifacts is the most affordable crepe paper for making flowers. They have lots of colors and set to choose from which makes this brand ideal for those just get started.

How To Cut Petals For Crepe Paper Flowers Cutting your crepe paper is not like cutting cardstock – the reason being is that there is a grain to the paper.

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