How to Make Paper Flower Balls: Step-By-Step Tutorial

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DIY paper flower ball garland. Templates and tutorial.

Paper Flower Balls Tutorial

Who doesn’t love a fabulous paper flower garland? There are many beautiful ways to create flower garlands. Recently, I decided to turn my pomander balls, also known as flower kissing balls, into a luscious string of paper flower balls that can hang practically anywhere!

Several years ago, I discovered that gluing two paper roses back-to-back was a super easy method of creating kissing balls, often used in wedding décor.

So, today I will show you how to make paper flower balls with this step-by-step tutorial AND turn them into a long flower garland.

Be sure also to watch the full step-by-step videos for both the pomander flower balls and garland at the end of this post.

I did use my Cricut Maker for this tutorial but even if you do not own a cutting machine you can still cut by hand with the PDF printable templates.

How to make paper flower balls.


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You will be making two roses and gluing them back to back to create the pomander.

  • Cut 12 petal layers total. Six for each rose.
  • Cutting Machine Measurements are:
    • Small pomander – 3 x 3 inches
    • Medium pomander – 3.7 x 3.7 inches
    • Large pomander – 5 x 5 inches
    • Greenery – any size you prefer. I scale mine between 2.5-3.5 inches
  • All sizes are made the same way
How to Make Paper Flower Balls: Step-By-Step Tutorial

How to Make Paper Flower Balls- Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1
Using my ruffle rose template, we will make two roses and glue them back to back.

How to Make Paper Flower Balls: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 2
Cut out six petal layers for one ruffle rose.

How to Make Paper Flower Balls: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 3
Use a thin wood dowel to curl all the petal’s edges inwards. Repeat for all petal layers.

How to Make Paper Flower Balls: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Use my Paper Blooms shaping mat & toolset to help the leaves stand up. Of course, this is optional- but OH so helpful!

Step 4
If you are using the mat, roll the center of all six pieces. If you are not using the mat, just make sure to bend the petals up when we get to the assembly.

How to Make Paper Flower kissing Balls: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 5
To start assembly, first, add glue to the bottom of one petal layer and gluing it on top another. Make sure to alternate the bottom petals with the top layers so that they are not directly stacked.

paper rose kissing balls

Step 6
Add your 3rd petal layer the same way. You are folding the petals up slightly as you glue it in.

How to Make Paper Flower pomanders

Step 7
For the remaining three petal layers, we will fold them up and tuck them all in the same direction.

paper flower roses

Step 8
Once you have them, all tucked the same direction twist the bottom slightly. Tucking helps the petals stay in place.

Step 9
Glue into the center & fan it out a little once it’s glued in.

how to make paper roses

Step 10
Repeat the tuck and twist with the last two petal layers.

how to make paper roses

Step 11
Tuck and twist your last petal layer and make sure it’s twisted tightly at the bottom before gluing it in, so the bud center always stays tight.

How to Make Paper Flower Balls: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 12
Glue the final piece in.

Your ruffle rose is complete. Now repeat the whole process to create a second rose. 

How to Make Paper Flower Balls: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 13
We will now glue the two roses back to back to create the pomander flower ball. You will naturally see how they meet together like a fitted puzzle piece.

How to Make Paper Flower Balls: Step-By-Step Tutorial

If you want to hang them, use some ribbon or twine to glue between the petals. Or, follow the step-by-step garland tutorial below to add some greenery to your vines. 

Step 13
When using twine or ribbon- add a bit of glue between two petals that naturally overlap and glue in your string. This is perfect for wedding aisle decor (and so many other uses!)

Creating these pomander kissing balls and garland is perfect for Valentines Day, Wedding, Spring-Time, or anytime decor piece. However you choose to use it. I know you will love it!

Watch the FULL Video Tutorial Here:

Here is how to make your Paper Flower Balls into a beautiful garland:

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  1. These are very beautiful! I would have never thought to make a flower ball like that. Thanks for the great freebie library!

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