Making Paper Pineapple Party Decorations:

DIY Paper Pineapple Template

Today we are going a little outside the paper flower box and thought I would try some paper fruit – paper pineapple party decorations to be exact!


– Glue Gun – 65-pound cardstock – Foam egg  – Bamboo skewers – Basic green acrylic paint and brush – Scissors and/or cutting machine  – Pineapple templates


I chose to paint my foam egg green underneath because I didn’t want the white to show through.

Get all your paper pineapple template pieces cut out. The number of pineapple pieces you will glue on will vary for everyone but I used about 40 for mine.

Begin gluing on each of the pineapple pieces. Glue in a circle to try and stay fairly even and slightly overlap on the bottom and sides as you go.

Take your 4 pineapple crown cutouts and fold each one in half down the center. Next, glue all 4 folded crown pieces together in a stack.

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