The Best Materials and Supplies for Cricut

Did you know that Cricut machines can cut so much more than colored paper? I’m talking about everything from wood to types of plastic and fabrics!

Today is your lucky day because today, I am covering a list of specific Cricut materials, where to find them, and what blade they work best with!

Free Cricut Cheat Sheet Printables

I also have created a cutting guide for Cricut users to help you easily recognize what mat and blade to use with certain Cricut materials, plus how to create your own material settings in Design Space.

Iron-on vinyl is predominantly used on things that are fabric-based in some way, such as t-shirts, totes, cloth napkins, hats, etc.

Adhesive vinyl is a close favorite to the HTV. There are countless uses for adhesive vinyl, such as wall decals, mugs, ornaments, containers, wall art, etc.

Smart Materials also work with the fine-point blade. Cricut Smart Materials are specially created materials that can be cut without using a cutting mat.

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