Paper Flower Ball Tutorial 

Several years ago, I discovered that gluing two paper roses back-to-back was a super easy method of creating kissing balls, often used in wedding décor.

So, today I will show you how to make paper flower balls with this step-by-step tutorial AND turn them into a long flower garland.


– 65lb Cardstock – Scissors or Cutting machine – Rolling tool & mat (Optional) – Thin wood dowel for curling – Glue Gun – Twine

Using my ruffle rose template, we will make two roses and glue them back to back. Cut out six petal layers for one ruffle rose.

Use a thin wood dowel to curl all the petal’s edges inwards. Repeat for all petal layers.

If you are using the mat, roll the center of all six pieces. If you are not using the mat, just make sure to bend the petals up when we get to the assembly.

To start assembly, first, add glue to the bottom of one petal layer and gluing it on top another. Make sure to alternate the bottom petals with the top layer.

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