DIY Giant Paper Roses: Alora Garden Rose Tutorial

There is something so incredibly timeless and elegant about a rose. I wanted to devise a beautiful rose paper craft that would be the perfect addition to my giant paper flower collection.

You will only be using two petal sizes with this rose, with multiple layers of each size. Cut the following number of petals: – 14 Extra-Large Petals – 19 Large Petals

Part 1: Prepping Your Petals

Step 1: Lay two (2) of the petals across from each other. Add dots of glue to the overlap.

Part 2: The Rose Center

Step 2: Fold one petal around itself & secure it with glue. Then wrap the remaining petal, opposite to it, around the other one.

Step 3: Add dots of glue to the inner corners of the wrapped petals to secure them.

Tap the link below to see the full instructionS.