DIY Paper Poinsettia and Holly Christmas Wreath Tutorial with Cricut

Today I will share with you how to make this gorgeous DIY Christmas Wreath by just using paper and your Cricut machine!

If Cricut had a best friend, it would be Christmas! My mind is always busy with ideas for the holiday season.


– Cricut machine – Cardstock paper – Green crepe paper – Wreath foam base – Scissors – Hot glue gun – Ribbon  – Wood dowel

To begin, cut out your paper poinsettia, holly, and evergreen templates with cardstock paper. When you remove the petal cut-outs, peel the mat away from the material to keep the paper from curling.

To make your paper poinsettia, curl each petal layer around a thin wooden dowel. I used my scraper tool for the green base to crease down the center.

To assemble the poinsettia paper flowers start with the green base and add the largest poinsettia petal layer on top, alternating the petal points.

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.