Making Your Own Cascading Paper Bouquet

Today I'll cover how to make easy paper flowers and turn them into a beautiful cascading paper flower bouquet.

Cascade bridal bouquets, have been a popular choice for brides because they invoke feelings of royalty and luxury.

– Paper Flowers and greeneries – Two thin wood dowels – Glue gun – Floral or corsage tape – Half foam ball  – Green tissue paper


To get started, you will need to make your paper flowers in advance.


Gather your supplies. A foam ball base will save you a lot of time as you can get the desired effect by making optimum use of all elements.

Create your base. Cover the half foam ball in tissue paper. Glue your tissue paper closed on the flat backside. 

Curl your five large primary leaves backward with your dowel. Glue all six of these leaves around the bottom of the bouquet.

Add about a quarter of your greenery to the bouquet before adding flowers.

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