25 Sanity Saving Craft Vinyl Hacks Every Cutting Machine Crafter Should Know

After ten plus years of crafting with my Cricut, I have picked up a few tricks and troubleshooting tips to help you in your journey.

Let’s start with weeding tips and some common issues I see with beginners when using vinyl and then we will move onto storage, minimizing waste tips, and some unknown ways to use vinyl!

Use a Straight Cutter to Avoid Waste

Craft vinyl is not cheap. One of the best ways to avoid vinyl waste is to cut your design on the sheet of vinyl first then cut the excess off with a straight cutter.

Weeding Berry Tool

This trendy idea first started when a clever crafter suggested using a nail polish holder as a means of collecting scraps when weeding.

Use a Window or Brightpad for Weeding

I have used a Brightpad several times to help me see my cut lines. Alternatively, you can also hold your cut vinyl up to a bright window for a similar effect and it’s free!

Tabletop trash can Weeding berries are great for tiny pieces but what about the larger ones? You can go for a cute tabletop trash can to collect your craft vinyl waste and keep your space tidy!

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