Small Paper Dahlias Tutorial

Today, we'll learn how to make paper dahlia flowers to decorate favor boxes, centerpiece arrangements, bouquets, and more!

These step-by-step written  instructions are divided into two parts: how to make the small paper dahlia flowers and how to add stems to the flowers.

Cut out all 8 of your petals. Cutting machine is recommended but PDFs are included for those who wish to hand cut.


Using your thin wood dowel (or a spare glue stick) roll each petal tip around so it curls to the shape of the dowel.

Using your Paper Blooms rolling tools and shaping mat cup the centers so the petals stand up more. 

Begin stacking and gluing 6 of the petal layers. Save the last two layers for later. Add a small dot of glue to the center of one petal layer and place another dahlia layer on top.

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