Spring Tulip Paper Flower Tutorial

Spring is just around the corner and that means fresh blooms, bright colors, and sunny days outside. Let’s get started adding a little color to your next celebration!

- For one tulip, cut out one 5 point petal, one 3 point petal and base.  - Fold each of the small tabs on the sides of each petal inward and add a small dot of glue to the outside. 

- Your tulip base will now form a cup shape that will hold your inner petals.  - Using a small wooden dowel rod, curl the tip of each petal around the rod and inward.

Repeat the same process with the 3 petal piece, folding each tab and gluing them to the neighboring petal.

If you’re hand cutting, you can use a hole punch for the center. Thread the base up the stem.

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