Summer Bucket List Printable + DIY Clipboard

This summer has already been going by so fast, and my kiddos are always looking for fun things to do while on summer break.

I decided that it would be fun to create a summer bucket list with activities for them to look forward to. This bucket list printable is perfect for them!

Materials Needed: – Clipboard – Spray paint – Home printer


First I grabbed a flattened cardboard box to place beneath my clipboard. I have started keeping a few flattened boxes on hand in the garage to use for painting projects.

Then I gave my clipboard a couple coats of spray paint. I used the color Champagne Mist. I have found that the key to getting good coverage with spray paint is to keep the can a few inches away from the surface.

After my clipboard had dried overnight, I printed my summer bucket list printable onto some white cardstock paper.

My kids are already loving this summer bucket list printable, and they are planning their next activity! I hope this helps you and your kids really enjoy the rest of their summer break!

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