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How to Make Paper Pineapple Party Decorations: DIY Paper Pineapple Template

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A yellow and a pink pineapple made of paper lay on a pink slashed background. The text reads "How to make paper pineapple party decorations."

DIY 3D Paper Pineapple Craft

Today, we are going a little outside the paper flower box and thought I would try some paper fruit – paper pineapple party decorations, to be exact. This paper pineapple craft project is super easy and even a great option to let the kids get a little crafty this summer; even younger kids can do this craft with some basic Elmers glue.

You will also receive free pineapple templates – both printable PDFs and SVG cut files are inside the Craft Vault when you get started with a free account.

These paper pineapple decorations will give you the Ha-WOW-ii look you will want for any tropical party or luau. If you need a little more snazzy paper summer decor, I’ve got you covered with these Hawaiian paper flowers – Hibiscus paper flowers and even Chrysanthemum flowers.

Supplies for Paper Pineapple Party Decorations

Download Your FREE Paper Pineapple Templates

Download these free paper pineapple templates by signing up using the form below. Once in the Vault use the keyword “pineapple” at the top search bar to find this template. If you already have an account, just log in and download the pineapple SVG and PDF printables templates here.

An overhead view of a faux wooden square paper plate with a foam paint brush and green paint in it. Next to the paint is a foam egg on top of green and yellow cardstock.

Paper Pineapple Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Paint Your Foam Egg Base

Gather your supplies from the list above. I chose to paint my foam egg green underneath because I didn’t want the white to show through, and it also gives the pineapple a more authentic look.

For best results when painting, try using smooth foam. If you have to use the foam that sheds, try to use a foam brush and dab the paint on it. You may not want to use a brush motion because it can cause the foam egg to shed, and you may get covered in paint (true story, ya’ll!).

Four green paper pineapple stems, two yellow paper pineapple scales and a bamboo skewer lay on a background of fun pink slashes.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Pineapple Templates

Get all your paper pineapple template pieces cut out. The number of pineapple pieces you will glue on will vary for everyone, but I used about 40 for mine. You will also want to cut out 4 of the green-topped crowns for these paper pineapple decorations.

A foam brush sits next to a foam egg painted neon green, on top of a faux wooden plate.

Step 3: Assemble Your Paper Pineapple

Begin gluing on each of the pineapple pieces. Glue in a circle to try to stay fairly even and slightly overlap on the bottom and sides as you go. Keep all the paper pineapple pieces flowing in the same direction for a nice, uniform look.

In a clean fake wooden square paper plate sits a neon-green painted foam egg half covered with yellow paper pineapple scales. Additional scales and paper stem parts sit off to the side.

A green foam egg is almost completely covered with yellow paper pineapple scales. The background is pink slashes and a fake wooden square paper plate.

Keep going till the foam egg is totally covered. The idea here is to only have the green base showing through the center cutouts of each pineapple piece you are adding.

Paper pineapple stems folded in half lay in a square paper faux-wooden craft plate.

Step 4: Make Your Paper Pineapple Crown

To finish the top of the paper pineapple decorations, take your 4 pineapple crown cutouts and fold each one in half down the center. Next, glue all 4 folded crown pieces together in a stack.

Above a background of pink slashes on white paper, Abbi Kirsten's hand holds a pineapple stem made of four pieces of green paper. After assembly the green paper will make a three-dimensional pineapple crown.
Above a white and pink background, Abbi Kirsten's hand demonstrates how to glue a bamboo skewer into the middle of a paper pineapple crown.

Before closing the pineapple crown, glue your bamboo skewer into the center. Then glue the crown closed around the wooden stick.

Abbi Kirsten pushes the skewer end of the pineapple stem into the top of a green foam egg covered in paper pineapple scales.

The final step to complete your paper pineapple decorations is to insert the crown into the base of the pineapple. If it feels like it is struggling to go in, use a gentle twisting motion to make it easier. You may also need to trim the bamboo skewer excess off the bottom – use scissors or wire clippers for this.

Finally, once your pineapple crown is on, add in any extra pineapple cutouts around the top to make a seamless transition from the bottom yellow part of the pineapple to the green crown.

A paper pineapple party decoration craft is held by Abbi Kirsten's hand over a pink and white festive background.

This project was so much fun to make. I really think I will see some more fun paper fruit and food crafts in the future if I ever get caught up with the other hundreds of ideas swarming in my head!

How would you use these fun-tastic paper pineapple decorations?! Is there anything you would like to see me create?! Tell me in the comments below!

Three DIY pineapple party decorations sit on a white surface against a light blue wall. Behind the pineapples is a paper banner of tropical luau party flowers. "AbbiKirstenCollections.com" is typed in the bottom right corner.

More Fruit-Themed SVG Files You May Love

The image shows a collage of free fruit themed SVG cut files for Cricut and Silhouette craft cutting machines.
How To Make Paper Pineapple Party Decorations (with Templates!)

How To Make Paper Pineapple Party Decorations (with Templates!)

Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Aloha! Your tropical luau will be unforgettable when you make these easy, kid-craft-friendly paper pineapple party decorations! This papercraft is as sweet as the fruit itself and makes great centerpieces or decor for your buffet. You can add more Hawaiian flair with my Hibiscus paper flowers, and Chrysanthemum flowers! Grab your grass skirt, coconut cocktails and craft your way to summer fun! 


Step 1: Paint Your Foam Egg Base

  1. Gather your all supplies. 
  2. Paint your foam egg and let it dry. 

Step 2: Cut Out Your Pineapple Templates

  1. Cut out all the paper pineapple pieces from the templates. 
  • About 40 pineapple pieces (depending on your foam egg). 
  • 4 green crowns for the top of the pineapple. 

Step 3: Assemble Your Paper Pineapple

  1. Glue the pineapple pieces on the foam egg in the same direction. 
  2. Start at the bottom, and proceed around the egg in layers. 
  3. Slightly overlap the sides and bottoms of the pineapple pieces. 
  4. Cover the whole pineapple except for the final top layer. 

Step 4: Make Your Paper Pineapple Crown

  1. Fold each of the four green crown cutouts in half. 
  2. Glue all the folded pieces together along the creased line in a stack. Remember, these pieces need to open for a 3D effect. 
  3. Glue the skewer into the center, then glue the crown closed around the skewer. 
  4. Open the crown and, using the skewer end, insert the skewered crown into the top of the pineapple. 
  5. Add more pineapple pieces around the crown to hide the bottom edge. 

Congrats on finishing the paper pineapple party decoration, and aloha! 

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An eleven-picture graphic showing the steps needed to create a paper pineapple for any luau or party. The text on the top picture reads "DIY Paper Pineapple Decorations."

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  1. These are so cute! Perfect for this summer.

  2. These are adorable! I love how perfect they are for summer and how beautifully you displayed the process through pictures. I will have to keep these in mind for when the right event comes along to use them!

    1. Hi Chelsie! Thank you for the kind compliments. Glad you like them!

  3. Wow these are so freaking cute and ridiculously clever! I can’t stop staring at the pics xo

  4. Ann Martin says:

    Thanks so much for this cute tutorial! I shared it via my newsletter and it’s proving to be really popular.

    1. Thank you! I love your site!

  5. Layla Kennedy says:

    Heey, this looks so cute and has so much summer vibe – I love it. Definitely good idea for any party.

  6. I am relatively new to this; but I want to compliment you on your tutorials. They are so easy to follow and I love the way you explain everything!
    My daughter in law uses pineapples in her classroom! These are awesome. I did try to curve the bottom of the green paper a little so it was somewhat closer to the yellow pieces.
    Thank you for making this so much fun!
    Janice Heith