Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

Whether you have younger kids or teens, this Summer Craft and Activities list will keep kids busy indoors and out!

This unique ice cream craft, perfect for kid’s parties or just the kid in you, is super easy to create and a great way to share a candy party favor.

3D Paper Ice Cream Cone Craft

Learn how to make giant Hawaiian-style paper flowers perfect for tropical summer-themes and events.

Giant Hawaiian Paper Flowers

Painting rocks is a colorful playful art project activity that can double as a piece of home decor afterward.

Cactus Rocks

If you are throwing a tropical party or luau these paper pineapple decorations will give you the Ha-WOW-ii look you will want.

3D Paper Pineapple Craft

Kids of all ages will love making these paper plants to jazz up their bedroom decor with some not-so-prickly paper cactus plants!

Paper Cactus Plants

Add some extra fun to the fourth of July party with DIY photo props kids and teens can make with cardstock, wood dowels, and a printer!

July 4th Photo Props

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