Free Father’s Day SVG – DIY Shirts For Dad With Iron-On Vinyl

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Download free Father's Day SVG cut files. Learn to layer iron-on vinyl with your Cricut to make Dad easy custom shirts this Father's Day.

Free Father’s Day SVG Cut Files For Cricut

When you own a cutting machine, learning to work with iron-on and vinyl is very exciting. And learning to layer heat transfer vinyl is a big step in that. There are actually a few ways to layer iron-on vinyl including the slice technique like we use with Infusible Ink, but today I am going to teach you the simplest way to layer iron-on vinyl with this free Father’s day SVG file.

I’ve heard many of you say that you are afraid to get started with iron-on vinyl. I totally understand. I used to be intimated by new things like the many different Cricut materials too.

Today I have a step-by-step easy approach to learning how to layer heat transfer vinyl on your projects! In this example, I’ll be adding two layers of iron-on vinyl to a t-shirt blank as we create these DIY Father’s Day shirts which are the perfect easy gifts for Dad!

DIY Father’s Day Shirt Gift Supply List

Let’s review the supplies you will need for our Father’s Day shirt project with iron-on vinyl.


If you love any of the designs you see in this tutorial, you can find several SVG designs in my Freebie VaultIf you are already a member, log in right here and search “Father’s Day” or Design #87.

Learn How to Easily Layer Heat Transfer Vinyl: Follow this step by step video tutorial to layer any iron on heat transfer vinyl to your canvas projects!

Now let’s talk about the process. The two most important things to remember when layering your heat transfer vinyl are:

  • Always iron on the largest vinyl layer design first.
  • Save the plastic coating for that largest vinyl layer design!
Learn How to Easily Layer Heat Transfer Vinyl: Follow this step by step video tutorial to layer any iron on heat transfer vinyl to your canvas projects!

Remember, you can use this technique no matter what type of heat transfer layered vinyl project you use. You can do 2 or 3 layers of vinyl!

I do not recommend more than 3 for quality’s sake, and in the event, you use 3 layers of iron-on vinyl, I strongly recommend using the Slice Method so that each layer is making contact with the shirt below and not two or three other layers of heat transfer vinyl. Otherwise, it will just peel up in the wash.

DIY Father’s Day T-Shirt with cricut – How to Layer Heat Transfer Vinyl

After you download the free father’s day SVG cut file above watch the video tutorial below or continue reading for this easy Father’s Day shirt made with Cricut!

Easy DIY shirts for Dad with a free father's day SVG

How to Layer Heat Transfer Vinyl Tutorial With Free Father’s Day SVG Files

  1. Cut out your layered SVG design. If you are new to Cricut here is how to upload an SVG file to Design Space.
  2. Weed your design. For tips on weeding check out my 25 Sanity-Saving Vinyl Hacks post here.
  3. Press your t-shirt or blank for 15 seconds. Pressing your shirt before adding HTV gets out wrinkles and warms the material which makes it ready to receive your HTV.
  4. To layer heat transfer vinyl, place the largest design first. To center the design, you can eyeball it or fold the shirt in half, and crease it with the heat press to create a center point.
  5. Press your largest design for 30 seconds. You do not need to move the heat press around. You will see me do that a bit in the video, but I do not recommend though. One of those times where Mom says, do as I say and not as I do!
  6. Let your HTV cool for at least 1 minute, then remove the liner. Save the liner!
  7. Add your next layer of the design. Then using the liner you saved lay it over the whole design, protecting your first layer of HTV.
  8. Press again for 30 seconds. Cool and lift liners.

Adding Additional Layers To Your Shirt

  1. In my video, I added a third color of iron-on vinyl for the words. Even though this wasn’t on top of my other HTV I still used that large liner to protect my other layers.
  2. For good measure, I also fold the bottom of my shirt over the top half, covering the design, and give it one last 15-second press.
  3. Now you know how to layer heat transfer vinyl! For more than two layers I recommend layering by Slice Method – see how I set up a file here which is the process you have to use with Infusible Ink!

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  1. I was making this shirt and adding the girls as my last layer since I was using glitter vinyl. When I pressed them on top of the “Dad”, the liner made an indentation on the letters from the bottom layer of vinyl. Any suggestions of how to fix it? This is my first time layering vinyl. I even have an Easy Press 2.

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