The Best Resources for a Successful Creative Business: Starting a Home Craft Business

When I started my creative business 8 years ago, I spent much of my time stumbling around trying to find answers so I could compete with the best of them.

Today I am going to share my top small business resources for my creative craft business that have helped me grow my home business into 6-figure income!

Etsy is definitely an easy place to get started and there are loads of resources out there on Pinterest to help you sort out any questions you have.

Websites Building & Marketplaces

I highly recommend a Wordpress website. With Wordpress you can create a store through Woocommerce but also create a blog off your shop.

Photography is key to the success of your product. No matter how pretty your product is in person you can’t convey that with a dark grainy photo.

Photography And Editing

Afterlight is a great app to have when you are using your smartphone to take pictures. It has tons of editing capabilities to brighten your images, add filters, change tones, crop, clarify and so much more.

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