The Essential Pages Your Creative Business Website Needs

You might be wondering what pages you absolutely need on your website before you tell anyone about your newest adventure.

While there are a lot of pages your website could have, you will find that there are a few key pages that will make or break your online business.

These are the pages that visitors will expect to see on your website and if they aren’t readily available, your visitors may hit that little “x” faster than you would prefer.

The Homepage is the most important page on your site as it gives clear direction for your visitor. It needs to be laid out in an easy to navigate manner with the specific action you want the visitor to take.

The Start Here Page (Aka Home Page)

Your about page should be conversational and light-hearted but if you keep it focused on the results for your ideal visitor it will help your business.

The About Page

Your contact page should include clear instructions on how to fill out the contact form. Yes, it should be intuitive but sometimes people need to you tell them specifically what to do.

The Contact Page

If you have been receiving repetitive questions, it is time to put together a list of the FAQs and put them on your website.

FAQs to the Rescue

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