The Most Ideal Supplies and Materials for Cricut

Today, I am covering a list of specific Cricut materials, where to find them, and what blade they work best with!

Some of these Cricut materials can be used with more than one blade – Cricut blades are so versatile!

Free Cricut Cheat Sheet Printables

I also have created a cutting guide for Cricut users to help you easily recognize what mat and blade to use with certain Cricut materials.

Smart Materials work with the fine-point blade. Cricut Smart Materials are specially created materials that can be cut without using a cutting mat.

Adhesive vinyl is a close favorite to the HTV. There are countless uses for adhesive vinyl, such as wall decals, mugs, ornaments, containers, wall art, etc.

Iron-on vinyl is predominantly used on things that are fabric-based in some way, such as t-shirts, totes, cloth napkins, hats, etc.

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