No-Sew Top Knot Headband Tutorial – Free Headband Pattern

In this easy DIY women’s top knot headband tutorial, I will show you how to create these trendy hair accessories!

This craft is gushing with cuteness and is easy enough for any beginner. Because I think every lady and little lady should have a top knot headband collection, I am providing the pattern for free.

– Surebonder glue gun – Surebonder fabric mini glue sticks – Fabric of your choice – Satin headband form – Corner turner


Step 1: Cutting Your Headband Pattern To cut out the headband pattern, decide whether you will cut with fabric scissors or a cutting machine.

Step 2: Gluing The Headband Pattern Match up the two headband pieces with the pretty side facing inwards. Make sure your Surebonder glue gun is heated up and ready with the mini fabric glue sticks.

Step 3: Wrapping Your Headband Grabbing your headband form, begin wrapping the strip of matching fabric around your headband base, and secure with the hot fabric glue.

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