Top Resources for a Successful Creative Business Story

Starting a home craft business or small business of any kind is no easy task. Getting started with a home business means you have to do it all.

Today I am going to share my top small business resources for my creative craft business that have helped me grow my home business into 6-figure income!

When I build my graphics for social media, like pins for Pinterest or Instagram images, I like to use templates from Canva or Picmonkey.

Graphics And Social Media Images

I tend to use both as needed, and if I need any images for pins, I buy my graphics from Creative Market or other top-stock photo sites.

Photography is key to the success of your product. No matter how pretty your product is in person you can’t convey that with a dark grainy photo.

Photography And Editing

Afterlight is a great app to have when you are using your smartphone to take pictures. It has tons of editing capabilities to improve your images.

Now you need ways to share your products. One of my favorite plugins to use is Milotree.

Social Media Sharing

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