DIY Paper Box Template – Treat and Favor Gift Box Craft

These paper box templates are super cute and very simple to craft. All you need is your favorite craft paper, liquid glue, and a pair of scissors or a Cricut machine.

This DIY paper box is ideal for small treats like candy or small favors. And they are quite addicting to make, especially when you get to the fun twisty top of the box!

Paper box and flower template  Scissors or cutting machine.  Text weight metallic paper  Glue gun  Small pearls or other decorations  Scoring stylus or wheel. 


Cutting Out the Paper Gift Box

Scissor Instructions: Once your template is printed, cut around the outside of the design. Cricut Instructions: It is vital that the Cricut machine cuts the template correctly.

 Assembling the Paper Gift Box Now that your paper flower gift box is cut out (whether with a Cricut or scissors), it needs to be assembled by folding the scored lines and gluing the box together.