Upcycle Your Wrapping Paper Into These Fun Crafts 

With tons of scraps and extra-large rolls, I began to wonder what I could craft using my extra wrapping paper.

After collecting so many beautiful wrapping papers, I recreated their use and made three wrapping paper craft tutorials.

Honestly wrapping paper is the hidden gem of paper crafts because of the enormous variety of prints, textures, and thicknesses available.

Custom Decorative Tray With Wrapping Paper

Dress up any everyday coffee tray into a decorative piece of table decor using gift wrap to line the bottom.

One-Of-A-Kind Vases With Wrapping Paper

Use your gift wrap to dress up your cylinder vase with a decorative touch.

For this project, you can use a simple pair of scissors or cut out the templates on your Cricut machine. Bunting templates can be very simple.

DIY Banner Using Gift Wrap