Velvet Home Storage Boxes 

I’m all about easy, effective solutions like a re-purpose cardboard storage box but I would also want it to also be pretty to look at not just practical.


– Shoe boxes or cardboard storage boxes – Glue gun – Stretch velvet fabric – Scissors – Chipboard


Get your cardboard box ready by tracing the bottom of it onto chipboard and cut out.

Cut your fabric out for the box. Make sure you leave plenty extra so that it can fully cover your box.

On the 2 short sides of the box fold the fabric over and glue down to the inner corner at the bottom inside of the box. Make sure you have pulled the fabric tight.

For the 2 longer sides you will notice that you fabric should pretty effortlessly fold into a triangle point, as if you were wrapping a gift box.

Next, pull the fabric tight again and fold that triangle point up and into the box – gluing it down. The repeat on the final side.

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