Vintage Christmas Truck Ornament DIY

Everywhere I look I seem to spot one of those cute vintage style trucks with a Christmas tree sticking out of the back. They seem to be a beloved way to decorate, so I decided why not make a cute SVG design and figure out a way to turn it into an ornament with 3D dimension.

You can use this as a ornament to decorate your tree with like I do or you could use this svg in many other countless ways like a vinyl designs. If you’re looking for some classic Christmas decor then this is a great project.

Gather your supplies and get all your layers cut out in your preferred colors.

Step 1:

Layer all your pieces together. This is pretty self explanatory at this point.

Step 2:

To add the bottle brush tree bend the base at 90 degrees and use this as a place to glue the tree to the back of the truck. It should bend easily because they are typically made of wire. Press firmly till dry.

Step 3:

To finish the truck, and make it an ornament, create a loop from some ribbon or baker’s twine and glue it to the backside of the truck. If you are adding presents, it can be helpful to glue the twine between the present and the truck’s back.

Step 4:

Want to try Vintage Christmas Truck Ornament DIY? Tap the link below to see full details.