Woodland Animal Valentine’s Huggers

Over the years as I have created things, I found that I love to re-purpose a beloved design into something with a brand new use.

This year I wanted to make printable animal valentines so I played around with current woodland animals and I decided to create something fresh with my woodland forest animals.


– Glue gun – Clear permanent photo tape – Candy – I use lollipops but chocolate hearts work too! – 65 pound cardstock – Cutting machine or printer and scissors

Cut all your printable animal valentines out either with a cutting machine in layers or use the PNG images and scale to size then print on your printer.


If using a cutting machine, cut all layers out in the suggested colors you see with the on screen design.

Layer the designs in sequential order. Tape down a piece of candy or lollipop over the animal hugger’s center belly.

Fold the arms over the candy and secure with glue. Enjoy your adorable printable animal valentines!

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