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Woodland Animal Valentine’s Huggers – Free SVG Cut Files & Printables

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White text on a red banner reads "Woodland Animal Valentine Candy Huggers Free SVG File and Tutorial!" The bottom pink picture features Cricut paper crafts of woodland creatures such as a squirrel, racoon, moose and bear, all hugging a heart-shaped lollypop.

Printable Animal Valentines – Candy Huggers

Over the years, as I have created things, I found that I love to re-purposed a beloved design into something with a brand new use! This year I wanted to make printable animal valentines so I played around with current woodland animals and I decided to create something fresh with my woodland forest animals.

The whole woodland animal SVG gang sells more than 5x per day in my shop. These adorable little forest creatures first caught on after I designed my cute little fox and created it for a freebie here on the blog, which you can still get. I even went on to make a few barnyard friends because of so many requests!

Thousands of you have loved this set and shared with me countless creative ways to use it – everything from onesie iron-ons to cake toppers, banners, and more.

These six collage pictures show the uses of Cricut paper woodland animals. The SVG files include paper animals in a paper forest display or personalized with the name Jason and as decorations on a fake Autumn cake. Three pictures show a racoon as an iron-on t-shirt decoration, or a little girls ballet onesie.

Needless to say, I think ya’ll love them!

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, I started to think about what I could create with these favorite woodland animals in a fresh way. I really got into the spirit after sharing my monster printable Valentines and my Doxie Valentine boxes, which were featured on Cricut by the way!

Light-brown fox candy hugger holding a red heart-shaped candy lollipop. Red cutout hearts surround the papercraft which rests on a dark pink paper backdrop. You can make this Valentine animal with Abbi Kirsten's instructions and free SVG cut file.

After seeing other inspiring crafters make what is called a “candy hugger” as a Valentine gift, I decided to alter my original design to fit this trendy idea!

Let me share with you the supplies you will need. That favorite little fox you love, now turned hugger, is free, or you can purchase the whole woodland friends set!

Download the Free Fox Candy Hugger Template

Download this free fox hugger template by signing up via the form below. Once you set your password via the email sent to you, enter the vault, and search at the top with the keyword ‘hugger’ or design #52.

If you are already a member, log in at the Member portal and find it by searching design #52. Read this helpful post if you need help entering the vault.

Supplies For Woodland Animal Valentine’s Huggers

Four paper woodland animals are viewed from overhead on a dark pink background with red heart confetti strewn around them. In a variety of brown colors, each hugger hold a red heart candy lollipop. The cute creatures were cut out using a Cricut machine or scissors and include a fox, a squirrel, a bear and a moose

Directions For Woodland Animal Valentine’s Hugger

Follow the step-by-step written directions below and also watch the full video tutorial for a full visual!

  1. Cut all your printable animal valentines out either with a Cricut machine in layers (or print and cut) or use the PNG images and scale to size then print on your printer. I recommend printing on cardstock in a similar color to the animal’s arms rather then white so it matches when folding the hugger’s arms over the candy.
  2. If using a cutting machine, cut all layers out in the suggested colors you see with the on screen design.
  3. Layer the designs in sequential order.
  4. Tape down a piece of candy or lolly pop over the animal hugger’s center belly.
  5. Fold the arms over the candy and secure with glue.
  6. Enjoy your adorable printable animal valentines!

Note: If you used a printer you would just print out on cardstock, (use a similar color to the animal’s body) cut with scissors, add candy and fold the arms over!

An paper orange fox and tan squirrel are hugging their candy heart suckers while laying on a pink backdrop surrounded by a sprinkle of red heart confetti. The fox woodland Valentine candy hugger template is free from Abbi Kirsten's Freebie vault.

I also thought these would be great for baby shower favors! What did you think? How would you use these? Tell me below in the comments and be sure to share what other ideas you want me to design!

Woodland Animal Valentine’s Candy Huggers

Woodland Animal Valentine’s Candy Huggers

Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

These woodland animal huggers make adorable, cute candy-included Valentine's Day cards, but they can be altered to make baby shower or other party favors. Try the free fox SVG or get templates for all the forest creatures.


  1. Using a Cricut or a printer and scissors, cut out all the layers of the printable animal valentines in the colors recommended. Pro-tip: use cardstock with color on both sides for the animal’s arms. 
  2. Build the animal starting with the bottom layer using the photo tape. 
  3. Use the photo tape to adhere the candy over the animal’s belly. 
  4. Fold the arms over the candy and stick them together with glue. 
  5. Enjoy these adorable Woodland Animal Valentine Huggers!

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Woodland Animal Hugger Set
Woodland Animal Set
Baby Woodland Animal SVG Cut Files

Video Tutorial for DIY Valentine’s Day Woodland Animal Huggers

A bear, moose, squirrel and fox papercraft Valentine's Candy hugger lay on dark pink paper with a few small red heart confetti as decorations. The center of the graphic is red with white text that reads "Woodland Animal Huggers Free Fox SVG!"

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