World of Rainbows

(Free Rainbow SVG Cut Files)

Cricut Facebook Communities have started to create symbols of hope by displaying rainbows and inspiring messages in their front windows.

This idea has become known as the World of Rainbows movement.

I decided to join this movement by bringing you four FREE rainbow SVG designs that will look stunning no matter where or how you display them.

– Window cling or removable vinyl  – Cardstock paper  – Permanent vinyl – Cricut mat


Ways To Display

In the front window of your home so folks can see it from the street while out walking or driving by.

On your garage door. A few people display their rainbow creations on their garages – this definitely requires vinyl so it can withstand moisture.

Placing your rainbow design on your car spreads the message when you are out grabbing those essentials.

Your front door. If you are someone who has a solid front door you could display your rainbows right at the entrance.