Cricut Design Space Software Updates: What You Need To Know

To make it easier and more fun to create with Design Space, Cricut makes changes and upgrades to its features.

Bookmarking Fonts

No more searching through page after page of fonts for your favorites; just bookmark your favorites, and you’ll be all set!

Profile Banner

Show off a little with the new background image on your profile! Choose from one of the pre-designed banners, or upload your own image that reflects your personality and style.

Scale, Unlock, And Rotate Images In Design Space

To resize and rotate the image from any corner, bounding boxes (the box around the image or text) have new corner handles.

Rotate the image by hovering your cursor just outside of a corner handle until a curved arrow appears, and then click and hold to rotate the image.

To stretch the image, click the lock icon in between the size boxes in the Edit toolbar at the top of the canvas to unlock image proportions.

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