DIY Paper Christmas Tree Star Topper

This DIY Christmas paper star tree topper is so lightweight and is fun and easy to make.

The Holidays are the best and I’m so excited to be sharing with you the love for this season and the joy of crafting our way through it. What’s better? The templates are free for you!

–Glue Gun –Cardstock –Scissors and/or cutting  machine  –Free templates  –Stapler –Thin Wood Dowel –Clear Craft Plastic


Begin folding each of the star points along the dotted or cutout lines.

Begin connecting the star points that have been folded by gluing the folded tabs together.

Add glue to one tab at a time and connect to the tab-less side of corresponding star point.

For the fifth point of the star go ahead and fold down the dotted line. Have everything folded, but don’t add glue yet.

Tap the link below to Download The Free DIY Paper Christmas Tree Star Topper Templates!